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Dlink Router IP General Information - Wireless Networking

If you have heard people talk about a Dlink router IP and wonder what it is, you are not alone. Many people find it confusing, but it simply is your wireless IP address, which is the address of your wireless router. Your wireless router normally begins with 192 and is what you place in your browser’s address bar in order to get into your router's admin page. For instance, your router’s IP address may be, when you place this in your address bar of any web page, it brings up your router’s login page.

There are many routers in which choose when it comes to the dlink router IP including the linksys, which is immensely popular brand of routers and many people use them for their home wireless networking. Netgear and belkin are also popular routers and have gained in popularity because of improvements they have made to many of their models. Most brands of routers all work the same, but just like brands of computers, everyone has their personal preference.

Many times when you set up your router’s preferences, it is easy to set the password to something that you are unlikely to remember. However, if you forgot your password, the solution is to reset it, which is normally accomplished via a reset button on the router itself. When you reset it, all your settings revert to the factory defaults, which means you will need to go into the settings and set up your wireless security such as WPA or WEP. The default password to most routers is “admin” with no password, but again, it does vary a bit by brand. The information concerning the default password is in your owner’s manual.

When you bring your new router home, regardless of the brand, it is vital that you set up a new password and determine your security during the initial setup of your dlink router IP. If you do not, your network will be wide open, and anyone in close range, such as your neighbors will have access to your network. Network traffic on your router that is not authorized, can be dangerous because hackers can gain access to your computer files. Moreover, without the network security in place and a passkey, you may be providing free Internet access to your neighbors, which inadvertently can cause your network and your Internet speed to slow down.


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