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Cisco IPv6 Training - IPv6 Requesting Router (RR) Configuration

By Charles E Ross
Now you the first thing that you need to remember, is that the Requesting Router or RR is in most cases located at the customer's location (premises); it's the router that the customer (Site) has either purchased or has been given to them by their ISP. In real world situations, the RR has 2 main responsibilities; obtaining the Global IPv6 prefix information (configurable parameters) from the ISP's Delegating Router (DR); and then passing that Global IPv6 prefix information (configurable parameters) along through out the customer's location (Site) by using Router Advertisements (RA). Now, in ...

CCNA Certification: Three Occasions To Reload Or Reopen A Cisco Router Interface

By Chris Bryant
Every once in a while, you just have to reload a Cisco router or a router interface to make a change take effect.

VTY Passwords - Are They Required and How to You Configure Them?

By David Bombal
Here are two questions that a lot of new Cisco Engineers struggle with. Are passwords required on vty lines? How do you configure vty passwords?

Router Print Server | Netgear Router Ip | Xbox Live Router | Dlink Router IP | Wireless Router Netgear | Linksys Router Address